Welcome to Sagan Energy


“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
                       Interview with Carl Sagan, Newsweek, August 1977.

Sagan Energy is the new global energy portal. This is only a temporary site. The real thing is yet to come. We will go online in early 2016.

See you soon!
The Sagan Energy Team.

PS:  If you were forwarded to this site, while looking for the Icelandic Energy Portal, kindly note that the Icelandic Energy Portal has ceased operating. Discipline your disappointment, by simply looking forward to the brand new Global Energy Intelligence! It is being developed by the same team as brought you the Icelandic Energy Portal, which within a short time became the world’s most visited digital information source about Icelandic energy issues (with 40,000 annual visits). Now it is time for going global.